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      Hey Gurl Hey,

      Welcome to Gurlish Label!  Thank you so much for dropping by and checking us out!  Gurlish Label was founded by Crystal Collins, in 2019.  The mission for Gurlish Label is to inspire and empower "gurls" to be true to themselves...finding that purpose that is meant for you.

      Being a social worker by profession, Crystal has managed to merge her experiences of her career with the dope opportunity to create slogans to inspire wearers to carve out a legacy for OUR culture. 
      Black gurl entrepreneurs wear our statement tees when they want to empower themselves from the inside out and remind everyone they’re doing their thang!

      Originally from New York City (the Bronx to be exact)...Crystal is fiery, outspoken, loves to laugh, and is definitely about building community.  Follow us on our journey as we build this community of highly motivated gurls, who are all about TRUTH, EMPOWERMENT, and LEGACY (with a little attitude on the ain't never hurt nobody *wink*).




      Keep it cute,

      The Gurl Gang